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A Little Of What You Fancy Sometimes Does You No Good!

Trans Fats Life is rarely a black and white affair, and one of the requirements of a job working with people is the ability to deal with shades of grey most of the time. The answer to most questions I get asked is ‘it depends’, the only variations being on what and to what extent,…

Very Low Calorie Diets And Diabetes

Most of us know that losing weight by conventional diet and exercise plans is difficult, and just as many of us know that keeping that weight off in the long term through diet and exercise alone is almost impossible. This is not a new concept – about fifty years ago a Dr Stunkard who was…

Pills And Potions That Pile On The Pounds

Pills and potions can be wonderful things. They ease pain, eliminate infection, lift mood, reduce indigestion, reduce blood pressure, or with the right dose and combination, can have just about any other effect on the human body that it is possible to have. They make my job considerably easier and it is often tempting to…

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Every single day that I sit at my surgery desk, at least one patient – and usually a lot more than one – will sit with a resigned expression, sigh and say ‘I know I need to lose weight, you don’t need to tell me’. They say it in a number of predictable situations; sometimes…

Middle Age Spread – Is It Really Inevitable?

Ah, the menopause, such a mixed blessing for most of us. There exists the wonderful realisation that those pesky monthly bleeds are now the stuff of nostalgia and contraception never needs to be an issue ever again, but there can be a heavy price to pay in terms of the hot flushes, mood swings, short…

How Do I Tell If I’m Overweight?

We are constantly being bombarded by the media and health professionals (and health websites!) about the perils of being overweight or obese – the statistics are that at least two thirds of the UK adult population is now in one of these categories, and I now find myself having to use the term ‘healthy weight’…

Is There Such A Thing As A Fat Gene?

A few years ago much excitement ensued in both the medical and the general press surrounding the possible discovery of a ‘fat gene’ – for the first time in history we as a medical profession were to reassure the larger of our patients that there now existed incontrovertible evidence that their overweight was not their…

Bands, Bypasses and Balloons

It will come as no surprise to most readers that I spend a great deal of my working life talking about weight issues or their consequences, and as we continue to career headlong further into our obesity epidemic I can only assume that this aspect of my work is, sadly, only going to increase. Most…

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