Stop Dieting – Start Living course

This 12 week programme compliments Sue’s book and provides a Workbook, daily devotional readings and a nutritional and physical activity supplement. These additional resources come as an electronic download. They are not available in hard copy. The course can be followed individually or in a group for which additional teaching resources are available.


Unit One: Diets Don’t Work

  • The ineffectiveness (for most people) of dieting as a means of weight control
  • Examining many reasons why weight gain can happen
  • Our need to find the root cause of our personal weight issues.

Unit Two: Eating – a holistic experience

  • An overview of how we relate to food – body, soul and spirit.
  • An introduction to applying Biblical truth in order to help resolve weight issues

Unit Three: The feel-good factor of food

  • Defining emotional eating
  • An examination of stress as a dominant root of emotional eating
  • Practical and spiritual ways of handling and avoiding stress.

Unit Four: Filling the Void

  • Identifying different types of void (emptiness) in our lives
  • Finding more appropriate ways of filling these voids

Unit Five: Facing your Fears

  • Addressing our fears in relation in weight loss
  • The fear of being slim.• Biblical ways of dealing with these fears.

Unit Six: Facing the Past

  • How painful past experiences (especially from childhood) may be a powerful, significant root to our disordered eating
  • Learning why this association with comfort-eating exists
  • How we can find healing for our past pain and so be freed from our need to compensate with food.

Unit Seven: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

  • How we view ourselves and why
  • The connection between poor self-esteem and disordered eating
  • Who we are in God’s eyes and how to love ourselves
  • Finding release from shame and true moral guilt.

Unit Eight: Finding hungry and finding full

  • To identify what it feels like to be both physiologically hungry and satisfied
  • Practical advice to help us to eat within these limits
  • How this way of eating corresponds with the four Biblical principles of Fit For Life Forever.

Unit Nine: Freedom to Choose

  • Some negative outcomes of following unqualified health mantras.
  • Establishing a Biblical basis for eating in freedom coupled with responsibility.
  • Practical advice to help us eat in such a way without falling into excess.

Unit Ten: Creating the right environment

  • How the meal environment can help or hinder the eating experience
  • Practical help for creating the best eating environment.

Unit Eleven: A Spirit-controlled Appetite

  • Defining and encouraging good habits in relation to food and eating.
  • Establishing godly habits through elimination and reinforcement.

Unit Twelve: Fit For Life Forever

  • The pathway to becoming an intuitive eater
  • How this involves a paradigm shift in our relationships with food, God and ourselves. This course is fully interactive, providing opportunity to personalise the teaching through responses to questions, home assignments and a daily devotional guide.
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