“Fit for the King” study course

Many assume that health is the “luck of the draw,” or is determined by “family genetics,” and go through life hoping that they will not get cancer or some other chronic illness. But we can all play an active part in minimizing our risk for such conditions. Prevention is better than cure; and being in good health is better than needing to be healed.

Fit for the King is designed to help us as Christians explore health issues within the wider context of our spiritual life. The course is relevant to all believers, regardless of their age, sex, gender or present state of health.

This 56 page A5 booklet is due for official publication by RoperPenberthy (part of new Wine Press) in May, but some advance copies are available now on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Find details of the course by clicking here.

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Price: £3.50

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