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Fit for the King coverMany assume that health is the “luck of the draw,” or is determined by “family genetics,” and go through life hoping that they will not get cancer or some other chronic illness. But we can all play an active part in minimizing our risk for such conditions. Prevention is better than cure; and being in good health is better than needing to be healed.

God’s overall goal for our lives as believers is put very succinctly in 3 John 1:2 where it is written: ‘Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.’ God not only wants us to enjoy spiritual health but also physical health. Bearing in mind that many of us face challenges in our health which are beyond our control we nevertheless have a responsibility to play our part towards maintaining our bodies in optimum health.

For the believer all of life is sacred. We are not called to lead separate secular and spiritual lives, but rather the spiritual should permeate every aspect of our lives. A Spirit-controlled life should, of necessity, include a Spirit-controlled lifestyle.

Fit for the King is designed to help us as Christians explore health issues within the wider context of our spiritual life. The course is relevant to all believers, regardless of their age, sex, gender or present state of health.

It differs from most conventional church study topics in that much of the subject matter is not specifically the domain of the Church and the text book is not exclusively the Bible. Whilst a substantial part of the study is spent examining relevant Scriptures which will, hopefully, provide new spiritual insights within the context of healthy living, much of the material is provided by Christian health professionals, teaching within their fields of expertise.

The course comes as a 56 page A5 booklet and whilst it is written specifically for group study, individuals wishing to study on their own will also benefit from the teaching. Those subjects marked for discussion can easily be used for individual reflection.

The course is split into four units:

  • Optimum general health
  • Optimum nutrition
  • Optimum fitness
  • Towards a healthier church

In the first three units health issues are addressed in three ways: Examination of Scriptures within the context of our own health and well-being, questions for self-assessment, and basic teaching, with discussion points, to help us to make informed decisions regarding health matters.

The final unit seeks to help build on all that has been learnt in previous weeks and explores ways in which ongoing commitment to a healthy lifestyle might be encouraged within the local church, extending into the wider community.

How much time you spend on each unit is entirely up to you, but we suggest a minimum of two weeks, the Bible study and self-assessment taking one session and the Practical teaching another.

Following each unit a practical self-evaluation exercise is given to be completed at home. These provide objective lifestyle evidence which can then be used to give accurate responses to the self-assessment questionnaires within the units.

Running a Fit for the King support group

There is absolutely no need for the group leader to have any superior knowledge or expertise in the field of health. You can be a learner along with the rest of the group. You do, however, need to have a strong empathy with the need for Christians to become informed on this topic and a desire to bring your own lifestyle choices in line with Biblical principles.

Leader’s note are provided in the book and help and advice is readily available from the Fit For Life Forever team.


The Fit for the King healthy lifestyle study is available as an individual copy or a group pack of six for the price of five.


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