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We have recently joined the Fit for Life Forever team to provide support for the “Stop Dieting & Start Living” course. It was great meeting so many people at the Sandown CRE in early May and having discussions about the possible application of the course within their local communities and the level of support that they felt they needed to get a course up and running. Together Beth and I have run four courses in our local community and seen people’s lives radically transformed on each occasion. Feedback from some of the people on how the course has changed their lives includes:
“I feel better about myself from the inside.”
“I have identified what determines my eating patterns, taken my eating & exercise before God & changed a number of habits.”
“It has changed the way I look at food & my attitude towards food.”
“I have no desire to keep eating cakes & chocolate. I love myself & Jesus more, I am happier and life is very different now I am on this journey.”
“I have identified why I snack – emotional response – which I never knew I did.”
Unsurprisingly the majority of people who have participated in the course would recommend it to their friends.

In addition to the significant impact on our own lives, we have consistently seen people being freed from food related addictions that have bound them for many years. It is so exciting to see people embracing their new self-image (both men and woman), living in freedom and being able to enjoy all food responsibly. Our heartfelt desire is to see more and more people experiencing the freedom that God intended for them, and hence the reason for setting up a course support function.

We are in the early stages of identifying what this means but feel that it would include training leaders, running taster days, coming alongside people/teams running courses, helping people learn from our experience (both good and bad),etc


  1. Sue Nickson on June 3, 2014 at 2:36 pm said:

    When are you running a course in Burton upon Trent or nearby?

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