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I have just been reading Susan Ruff’s article for this month on Summer Fitness and had to smile when I came to the heading marked OAP, which in Susan’s terms of reference stands for Older Active Person! I’m 65 next month so-yes- I’ve had five years already to get used to the idea of being ‘a pensioner’, but an Old Aged one – never!
Not that I feel like one, I most certainly do not! In a playful moment after church last week I heard myself saying to Dave (my husband) “Race you to the car!” and off we both ran like little children happily up the road.  It was only a couple of hundred yards I guess, but how great even to be able to think this way. We have the grandchildren coming to stay next week so there will be lots more opportunities to repeat the exercise, only this time I doubt very much that I will win!
I did, however, have a bit of a reality check in the supermarket the other day. I was at the check-out and managed to drop my open purse so that the contents spewed out onto the floor. As I started to bend down, not one, but two, assistants scurried to my aid.   “It’s okay, I can manage,” I blurted as I easily retrieved the coins which had rolled furthest away. Then turning around I saw a young lad on his hands and knees eagerly amassing the remainder of the coins and stuffing them back into my purse. This time I didn’t try and intervene and instead gave him a kindly smile and even a tip for being so honest and helpful!  It didn’t seem to matter that a seven year old thought I was old, but for an adult to perceive that I needed help was far less comfortable.
The saying is true that we cannot turn back the clock, but the Bible does say that God ‘restores the years’ (Joel 2:25) Isaiah also wrote, ‘those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not get weary; they shall walk and not faint.’  (Isaiah 40:31)  A few days ago a lady at church said: “I don’t know where you get your energy from.”  Well, I do – and it isn’t just beans! ….
It was 10 years ago that I had my wake-up call concerning my obesity and general lack of physical fitness. When I show people the photograph taken just before I embarked on my weight-loss adventure with God, they still think I look younger today than I did then! I have had to do my part, certainly.  I have had to accept responsibility for what I put into my mouth and how I exercise; I have had to learn to deny myself and buffet my body, and whilst I know that I have the freedom in Christ not to be under any rules and regulations regarding food, I have learnt to make the healthier choices, trusting the wisdom of science and the leading of the Holy Spirit. But God is faithful to His Word. He has restored the years, He is renewing my strength.
I don’t mean to gloat.  I know some of you have health challenges far greater than mine, some of which you have had absolutely no control over. But I really believe that God is no respecter of personas and that what He has done for me He can do for you also.  The Bible says we are ‘co-workers’ with God – a phrase referring contextually to the work of spreading the Good News of salvation, but it does have a wider application. No matter how out of shape you might be, with God’s help you can make a difference to your overall health and see a reversal in the ageing process.  But don’t leave it too late – the earlier you start the better. God will use us whatever our state of health if we are willing vessels, but how much more can He achieve in us and through us if our bodies are strong. He wants us to enjoy life, not just endure it!
We are stewards of our bodies, not the owners.  The Bible says we are not our own and that our bodies belong to God (! Corinthians 6:19-20) let’s do our part, therefore, in maintaining them so far as is possible, in optimum health, for His glory.


  1. Sue Humphreys on April 18, 2014 at 10:59 am said:

    Exactly! Thanks Sue, that’s brilliant. Lots of love to you and David xx

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