Running a Stop Dieting ~ Start Living Group

Forming a Church-based group

You do not need any special health expertise to organise a group but a passion to see people set free from their bondage to dieting and to gain control of their weight-related issues is fundamental. The most important group dynamic is mutual loving support, plus the blessing and oversight of your church leadership. Then, should situations arise where you feel you need counsel above what the group feels able to deliver, these needs can be referred to others in the church with the relevant experience.

Please refer to the FAQ section for more detail.


The Stop Dieting ~ Start Living group course comprises the following copyrighted materials:

  • How to Stop Dieting and Start Living books
  • Course workbook (an eBook, available online) Participants would need one of these each, but where there is more than one family member taking part in a group permission is given to photocopy the material.
  • Food for Thought daily devotional guide, providing readings for the twelve week duration of the course. These daily notes offer the opportunity for individuals to bring God into their relationship with food and to experience his help in a personal way.
  • Nutrition supplement. This is a basic manual enabling course members to make informed food choices

NB: It is very important that every household on the course have at least one copy of these main resources.

In addition to the above, each group leader is supplied with

  • A 12 week Powerpoint slide presentation
  • Accompanying teaching notes.
  • Group Leader’s guide
  • Précised word document summaries of the teaching sessions, available upon request, to assist those with learning difficulties.

Packages and costs

There are two packages available for groups, depending on size.

  1. Small Group Pack. This comprises 5 copies of the book + ebooks and all group leader resources.
    This costs £80 (free P&P)
  2. Church Pack. This comprises 10 copies of the book + ebooks and all group leader resources.
    This costs £120 (free P&P) Additional sets of book + ebooks can be purchased for £10 per set.
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