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Good health is so critical in so many areas of our lives – our state of health determines how much energy we have to work, to serve God and others and to enjoy our friends, family and our world. If our health deteriorates then we rapidly find that many other areas of our life deteriorate along with it.

There are many health conditions where current evidence suggests that there is little we can do to prevent them. But most of the commonest illnesses in the UK – heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many forms of cancer to name a few – can be often prevented, or their effects minimised by making healthy choices on a day to day basis, and the good news is that what helps to prevent one condition generally prevents most of them so the advice is usually the same – eat well, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, don’t smoke and get adequate rest. Simple! But the fact is, with our 21st century Western lifestyles it isn’t that simple – this part of the website aims to give you the facts about a number of health issues and how to avoid them, or deal with them if you have them.

More articles will be added regularly, and if you want us to deal with any particular issue then do contact us through the website and we will do so!

Ovarian Cancer

I’m all for ‘campaigns to raise awareness of (insert random word here)’ events, and as March 2014 is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I would join forces with my colleagues and duly do my bit to achieve just that! Ovarian cancer is one of the more common cancers in the UK; 6500 women are…

A good night’s sleep

We spend a third of our lives doing it. Napoleon, Florence Nightingale and Margaret Thatcher got by on four hours a night. Thomas Edison claimed it was waste of time. So why do we sleep? This is a question that has baffled scientists for centuries and the answer is, no one is really sure. Some…

The Dreaded Flu

General practice is a seasonal business. We start with the pre-Christmas rush, followed by the ‘ I need to quit smoking/lose weight because it’s the New Year’ people, followed rapidly by hay fever seasons, then the ‘You have to make me better in time my holiday, Doc’ crowd, and consequently next come the ‘Please help…

Pumping iron or popping pills – which is best?

How do you like to try to stay healthy? I find that people fall largely into two categories, those who believe in all things natural/preventative and avoid prescription medication – and any other medication – at all costs, all the while begging me (and probably a number of ‘alternative’ health practitioners) for some diet/exercise/lifestyle advice…

Travel Vaccines

Going on holiday is a stressful business – I usually find that by the time we all arrive at our given destination I really need a holiday, whether or not I needed one a couple of weeks beforehand. From the bikini diet through the bikini shopping (ouch!) to tickets, passports, packing everything necessary for three…


The UK, and in fact Western nations in general, are in the grip of an epidemic in the form of type 2 diabetes; this is not surprisingly generally caused by living a Western lifestyle and is strongly linked with obesity. Obesity rates in the UK have increased 10 fold in the last 40 years and…

Very Low Calorie Diets And Diabetes

Most of us know that losing weight by conventional diet and exercise plans is difficult, and just as many of us know that keeping that weight off in the long term through diet and exercise alone is almost impossible. This is not a new concept – about fifty years ago a Dr Stunkard who was…

Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?

My job can be very unpredictable, simply because it is not possible to know with any great certainty what the next person to walk through my door is going to say. I might think that because I saw them two weeks ago, checked their blood pressure and advised them that it needed to be rechecked…

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

One lesson I have learned since starting work as a GP is that women worry about their periods. A lot. They worry about them being too heavy, long, light, short (trust me, some women actually see those two as a problem!) frequent, infrequent, irregular, painful and a whole host of other issues besides, and I…

Pills And Potions That Pile On The Pounds

Pills and potions can be wonderful things. They ease pain, eliminate infection, lift mood, reduce indigestion, reduce blood pressure, or with the right dose and combination, can have just about any other effect on the human body that it is possible to have. They make my job considerably easier and it is often tempting to…

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