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Good health is so critical in so many areas of our lives – our state of health determines how much energy we have to work, to serve God and others and to enjoy our friends, family and our world. If our health deteriorates then we rapidly find that many other areas of our life deteriorate along with it.

There are many health conditions where current evidence suggests that there is little we can do to prevent them. But most of the commonest illnesses in the UK – heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many forms of cancer to name a few – can be often prevented, or their effects minimised by making healthy choices on a day to day basis, and the good news is that what helps to prevent one condition generally prevents most of them so the advice is usually the same – eat well, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, don’t smoke and get adequate rest. Simple! But the fact is, with our 21st century Western lifestyles it isn’t that simple – this part of the website aims to give you the facts about a number of health issues and how to avoid them, or deal with them if you have them.

More articles will be added regularly, and if you want us to deal with any particular issue then do contact us through the website and we will do so!

Making Change Happen

Isn’t it true that we all want to change something about ourselves or our lives? Whether it is a prompt from God, a New Year resolution, the sight of a photo, a life event, an illness or any number of other possibilities, from time to time some part of who we are or what we…

‘Tis the season…… to get the flu!!

Flu season runs from October to May, with most cases happening from late December to early March. If you have already been vaccinated your body will have been given a good chance to build up immunity to (protection from) the virus.   Even though it’s best to get vaccinated as soon as the flu vaccine…

Avoid stress eating at Christmas

Whether you love or hate Christmas most people will usually admit that it can be emotionally stressful.   Did you know that according to the Stress Management Society, one in 20 people considers Christmas more stressful than a burglary, and over half of Britons will have had an alcoholic drink before lunch on Christmas day…


This month I’d like to have a think about the current ad campaign sweeping the nation – you know, the one with people holding their stomachs and being advised to see their doctor. The advert is very helpful and gets the right message across, but of course there is a limit to how much information…

Boosting your immune system

Now is the time to eat that rainbow of colours to brighten up your winter days after the sparkle of Christmas festivity has passed by. Research shows that the nutrients vital for supporting the immune system called antioxidants, are contained in the bright colours of fruits and vegetables. Eg beta carotene in carrots, carotenoids are…

General Health self-assessment

Extract from ‘Fit From The King’   In the 21st century we are, as a nation, very ‘health conscious’. As our life expectancy has increased and our environment and health care has improved, we have come to expect more than to just live to a ‘good’ age – most of us expect to enjoy good…

Do I need to worry about Ebola?

So it has finally happened. As I write, the news is breaking that the first case of Ebola has been identified in the UK as a result of the crisis in Africa this year. We do not know currently how ill the patient is, and of course our thoughts and prayers are with them and…

Down in the Dumps

The media constantly bombards us with health ‘issues’ – heart disease is the main cause of death, we are busy fighting cancer so please donate to the cause, ‘change for life’ to avoid diabetes; and the obesity epidemic is certainly never far from the headlines in some form or another. With all of these very…


So summer is finally here, and judging by the adverts on TV and social media, and various emails that keep landing in my inbox, virtually the entire population of the UK is plotting some kind of mass exodus to pastures warm as millions of us jump the nearest plane to anywhere with a few rays…

Is Prostate Cancer a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Don’t you just love sensationalist headlines? As I write, the media is full of reports about the findings of a very recent study addressing this very question – and for once, all of the articles I have read on line and in the papers have been pretty balanced and said ‘Umm, we don’t know’ –…

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