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Summer Fitness

The sun and rain look very inviting!  You happily perch on your sofa with a cup of hot tea and your favorite film is about to start. For many of us, this is a typical start to a weeknight during the early spring months. Don’t wait till summer! it may never happen!  Damp wet weather…

Making Family Fitness Fun

Last month it was recorded in the papers that dozens of morbidly obese children had been placed in care because of concerns about their health. Out of 74 who were taken from their parents for their own protection during the past five years, councils recorded that one youngster weighed 23st and eight were more than…

Exercise – How it can affect your sleep

Did you know that people who follow a regular exercise schedule have fewer nights of sleeplessness? It’s true. Insomnia is not a common occurrence when exercise is part of your daily schedule.  Exercise also promotes a better night’s sleep by improving sleep quality. When you exercise, you experience smoother transitions between the various cycles and…

Making the most of walking

Last month we looked at walking and why it is one of the best forms of exercise. You will recall that it is good for us in many ways: it is manageable, enjoyable and helps improve our mental well-being. It is also much easier on the body than high-impact activities like running for whilst running…

Walking to Health (Part One)

Walking is fantastic way to get fit – and stay – healthy The key is to start slowly and always consult with a doctor first before beginning a new exercise program One of the reasons many health experts give walking such rave reviews is because it’s a ‘lifestyle exercise’. That means you can usually make…

Choosing a fitness activity

If you’re really serious about your goals, it helps to establish and commit to a training plan. A program will keep you focussed and allow you to set short term, attainable goals. Tracking your progress will also allow you to assess what’s working and what’s not.

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