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The overall aim of Fit For Life Forever is to promote health and well-being within the Body of Christ. It is endorsed by health professionals who, in response to the obesity epidemic especially, have a desire to see the church become part of the answer rather than part of the problem.

A main pillar of the Fit For Life Forever ministry is the STOP DIETING-START LIVING healthy lifestyle, non-diet, weight regulation course. This is a Christian weight loss course with a Biblical foundation.

Meet Our Team

Sue Prosser

Founder of Fit For Life Forever

I struggled with weight management for almost 40 years before finally learning how to fully surrender this aspect of my life to God. Within a year I had shed 50 pounds, achieving a healthy weight with minimal health risks which has been maintained, not by recourse to dieting (calorie or point counting and such like) but by having a Spirit-controlled appetite. My passion is to see people set free, not only from food-related issues, but in every area of their lives as they experience new depths in their relationship with God.

Find out more by watching Sue’s interview on BBC Songs of Praise.

Dr. Sue Kenneally


I am a GP working in a busy surgery in central Cardiff where I have developed an interest in weight management and promoting a healthy lifestyle. I am studying Nutritional Medicine at university and juggle this with being married to Dan and mum to three crazy boys so I really understand the challenges of making time and energy to be healthy in the midst of chaos! I believe that living a healthy life honours God and want to encourage His people to live well for His glory.

This position is temporarily vacant

Fitness Trainer

Diana Wright

Nutritional Therapist

Beth & Derek Williams

Stop Dieting & Start Living Support

Following Beth’s radical change after reading the book, Derek & Beth began running the “Stop Dieting and Start Living” course in their local community. They have consistently seen people being freed from food related addictions that have bound them for years. It excites them to see people embracing their new self-image and living in freedom and being able to enjoy all food. Their desire is to see more people experience the freedom that God intended for them, and to this end are available to support people wanting to run the course in their local communities.

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